short courses

The master's eye


Technological developments evolve very fast. Especially in the area of digital output, new varieties  appear on the market virtually every day.

To provide you with a good insight on the characteristics and understanding of these techniques, IDcentre has developed the training

“His Master’s Eye”.

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 ‘Wysiwyg’  What you see is what you get, is the name of the follow-up to ‘The Master’s eye’ training. This training came about with the collaboration of the National committee of Document and Banknote Fraud Prevention.

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Identity expert


In our modern society, identities are crucial for many processes. Identification is not only used for individuals but also for goods and processes.

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Analysing digital



In the digital area where at the moment, E-documents are outnumbering physical documents, there is a need to authenticate the origin of an e-document.

Throughout the years, standardisation

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