Since 1990 IDcentre is specialised in creating competence development profiles in relation to the recognition, authentication and verification of processes related to identity and documents. The scope is wide, yet focused on translating the constantly changing concepts and techniques into hands-on, comprehensive training programs and courses.


To guarantee integrity and reliability, IDcentre is working closely together with governmental organisations and law enforcement. Our teaching staff is a blend of excellent technicians working in the area of verification and authentication and didactical experts, focusing on tailor made concepts for individuals and specialised organisations.


Our clientele is found all over the globe and we are proud of our good reputation in the field of competence development for people working with authentication processes. We try to build bridges and communication networks between different countries using education and competence development as a binding factor in different levels and degrees.


No organisation is the same. Therefore we developed a wide array of modules to meet with specific training needs. All processes vulnerable to fraud are covered in our approach.

Classified as experts by chain partners, we take part in several national as well in international platforms and steering groups with a focus on identity crime, secured documents and related processes.


Our clients can be found all over the globe and all the trainings are organised in close cooperation with law enforcement agencies. This partnership ensures integrity within the provision of information.  Please contact us for more detailed information and references.




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