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Deployed globally in places of strategic importance

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee watches over the security of the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Worldwide, the Marechaussee is deployed in places of strategic importance. From royal palaces to the external borders of Europe. From airports in the Netherlands and the Caribbean to war and crisis areas around the world.

Border Control

Border control means that the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee fights cross-border crime and makes an important contribution to national security.

Such as countering terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, identity fraud and human smuggling.

Koninklijke Marechaussee

Guarding and securing

The Marechaussee guards and protects important objects and persons at home and abroad that are of crucial importance to the State of the Netherlands. Such as the Royal Family and the Nederlandsche Bank. It also guards the European outer borders at airports, seaports and along the coast. The Marechaussee performs these tasks for the Ministry of Justice and Security.

The Defense Surveillance and Security Organization (DBBO) monitors and secures Defense objects such as sites, buildings and vehicles.