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IDcentre provides in tailor-made advice

IDcentre is an independent training institute and not affiliated with producers and / or suppliers.
Within this framework, IDcentre is able to provide targeted advice on the development of secure printing in general.
We can offer our expertise in the following areas: • security mix and security balance
• design
• technology (prepress, press, after press)
• process technology
• substrates
• security elements (1st, 2nd and 3rd line)
• assessment equipment
Counter expertise

Counter expertise

IDcentre is equipped with professional research equipment with which our qualified document researchers are able to assess the authenticity of a document. The findings are presented in an official report.

IDcentre has a secured examination environment to guarantee an integer investigation.
Possible personal data that could be part of the examined documents are not recorded or archived in any way. IDcentre guarantees the return of offered documents to the sending organization.
IDcentre garandeert retournering van aangeboden documenten aan de insturende organisatie.

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In addition to the importance of the content of the training courses, the importance of didactics is increasingly becoming more important. IDcentre has developed a number of modules, both national and international, under the heading of “teach the teacher” in which participants further develop their didactic skills.

In the field of electronic disclosure of information, international modules have been developed which will be offered through e-Learning.

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Secured printed document investigation

Secured printed document investigation

IDcentre has excellent research facilities to analyse (secure) printed matter. This enables us, on the basis of scientific research, to draw up a technical report that can be used for various purposes, such as evidence.

Our technical expertise enables us to provide advice or report specified to meet your needs. In addition to technical product research, IDcentre can conduct additional research into possibly integrated variable data.

References are strictly provided on a legal necessity.

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