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Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint?

IDcentre B.V. strives to guarantee the quality of all its services. If you nevertheless have a complaint about the services of IDcentre B.V., you should first submit it to the account manager of IDcentre B.V. IDcentre B.V. will do its utmost to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.
IDcentre B.V. will confirm receipt of the complaint within 1 week and IDcentre B.V. will try to find a suitable solution within 4 weeks. Should this not be possible, we refer you to our independent third party: Mediationtotaal.

Submit a complaint

Complaints procedure
Has your complaint not been satisfactorily resolved by the account manager of IDcentre B.V.? Then you can appeal and submit your complaint (in writing) to the management of IDcentre B.V. Your complaint will be treated confidentially.

Submit an objection to the IDcentre BV management
Have you received a response from the IDcentre BV account manager to your complaint? You then have 6 weeks (calculated from the date of the response) to send a letter to management of IDcentre BV.

Description of your complaint
Clearly state in the letter what your complaint is and why you are not satisfied with the solution.
Always state your personal details and your account number.

You have to send your letter to:
Directie IDcentre B.V.
Luchthavenweg 54
5657 EB Eindhoven

Response within 4 weeks
The management of IDcentre BV strives to respond in writing as quickly as possible.
You will receive a response asap and your complaint will be handled within four weeks.
The decision of Mediationtotaal is binding for both parties.
Correspondence regarding the handling of complaints handling will be registered for one year.

Disagree with management’s response
Do you disagree with the reaction of the management of IDcentre B.V.?
Then you can rely on Dutch law.

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