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European Course for Specialists on Identity and security Documents (CSID)

In August 2018, the second edition of the European Course for Specialists on Identity and security Documents (CSID) started.
The course has been updated accordingly the evaluations from the first edition in 2017. As in the first edition, a group of 15 participants from the EU member states attended the course.
The European Course for Specialists on Identity and security Documents, developed by order of Frontex, focuses on the latest developments in border management. Topics are: the identity chain, the European perspective on ID documents, the latest IT technologies, new security features, risk analysis, migrant flow and other topics related to border management.
In February the final assessment will be the evaluation of the participants individual papers, describing a topic or casus in the national identity chain. Certification is just around the corner.

Document training Expert level ICMPD

In cooperation with ICMPD, IDcentre organized the first 2 weeks of the in total 4 weeks training dressed to the Lebanese Border Agencies.
By means of selection, based on the outcomes of previous basis training programs, a groep of 10 participants was trained the become a national expert in border control. The consistency of the group is a reflection of all national entities who are involved in the Integrated Border Management project, conducted by ICMPD.
The second part, consisting of another 2 weeks of training, will be organized during this year, completing this stage of competence development .
In the same line, IDcentre has been asked to assist in setting up a competence development system for a brand-new training centre in Lebanon

E-document analysis

The latest trend in issuing, checking and exchanging documents are based on the use of
e-documents. In the exchange of digital information, no or almost none standardization is applied. Because most ops the software applications use standard PDF formats, the diversity is evident. Over the years, the complexity, amount and sort of information encapsulated in PDF files has expanded and evolved rapidly. Along with the increase of the e-documents, the need to check the authenticity increased as well.
It is fairly easy to manipulate PDF-files and the fraud is increasing in processes used in issuing documents in different areas such as ID documents, healthcare, financial transactions, taxes, etc.

IDcentre developed a course with the objective to examine and investigate e-documents and how to interpret the outcomes.
With tools provided during the training, e-documents can be evaluated on its content and reliability.
Till now, IDcentre organized several courses for chain-partners dealing with e-documents.

Identity Specialist

On January the 17th, the 5th edition of the course "Identity Specialist" has started. This course has a timeframe of 1 year and its content is entirely focussed on the national and international identity chain and chain partners.
Experts connected with, or working in the ID-chain, provide the participants with the most up-to-date information.
The course will be assessed by means of a written paper and a presentation. The individual papers and the presentations are evaluated by a team of experts.

Landelijke Deskundigheids Makelaar (LDM)

As from February this year, IDcentre is now registered in the national expert d-base for law enforcement (LDM). The d-base contains a group of certified, screened experts, operating in the wide array of dedicated expertise. Whenever law enforcement requires expertise for a specific investigation, an appeal can be made to the specific expert.
IDcentre's expertise area will be identity fraud and secured printed documents.